WDC-185 Copper Wave Dripper

11,000Japanese yen (Price without tax)

Product overview

A flat bottomed coffee dripper with three holes on its bottom. There is minimal contact between the Wave dripper and the Wave filter which allows a smooth coffee extraction. Our Wave drippers will help anyone easily make a delicious cup of coffee regardless of your pouring technique.

Made in TSUBAME.
Tsubame city is famous for it's high quality metalworking industry. Engraved with the "Made in TSUBAME" mark, this certifies that this product has undergone and passed Tsubame city's strict quality control procedures.

JAN code:4901369 050995
Product weight:227g
Product box size (mm):116×118×88
Quantity per carton:24

Product information

Materials: Copper

For 2 to 4 cups
Use with wave filter 185

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