200,000Japanese yen (Price without tax)

Product overview

A water drip, cold brew coffee apparatus, that was designed in unison with the 3 rising pillars and cylindrical water tanks.

Makes up to 3000ml of cold brew coffee.

Product size (mm):498×486×1405

Product information

Includes :Wooden stand, silicon lid for top beaker, three beakers(heat-resistant glass), two taps, coffee pot(AS resin), lid for coffee pot(AS resin), ceramic filter, round paper filter 106mm.

Capacity: 3000ml

The flow of the water between double tanks produces visual pleasure.

The droplet falls along a chain to draw a beautiful ripple on the coffee in a decanter.

The chain of the coffee ground container prevents splashing, and makes drip quietly in decanter.

Easy maintenance, consists of some removable parts.

The removable silicone lid and bottomed cover are convenient for cleaning.

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