Copper Pot 0.7ℓ

12,000Japanese yen (Price without tax)

Product overview

Pour over coffee kettle made of copper. Gives you precise control over the pour of your water. For use on a gas stove.

JAN code:4901369 508090
Product weight:559g
Product box size (mm):190×113×175
Quantity per carton:24

Product information

Materials: Copper
Bottom diameter: 85mm
Capacity: 700ml

Made in Japan

●The handle becomes very hot when put on the fire. Please be careful. (Figure 1) ●With over high heat, there is a danger that hot water pop out. (Figure 1) ●If the balance is bad condition when you use it on the stove, put on the wire to make it stable. (Figure 2) ●To prevent boiling over, please use the pot with the dosage of 70-80%. (Figure 3)

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